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Night Cries

Evil Or Divine

He stands there in the dark
With a gun he holds at heart
At the end of the night
The boy stands alone

His father and mother gone
He vows to avenge
Revenge sought
While others remain saddened

His skills become instinct
His craft consumes him
His eyes a glittering threat
His rage fills his soul

Can you hear the night cries?
Can you hear them calling to you?
Can you feel the piercing?
Will you take the night as your own?

Repeat chorus

The cries pierce his sleep
Driving him awake
It is the time
Time to hunt the prey

The shock and the fear
Freezing his thoughts
Craziness all around
What hides behind the shadows?

The cries come again
Can't be shut out
Another nightfall
The hunt is on

Chorus x2

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