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Defining Moments

Evil Or Divine

We define our lives by what we do
Not by only what we say
In search of truth and who we are
This is the moment in our lives
Where the path is set for you
And a time and choice, will come where we look
To make things wrong or right

Wonder in amazement
Why the world’s gone so bad
Hope gone nothing in its place

Evil around the bend in every street there is
Selling death and doing in vain

Is this the moment?
The defining moment, our lives will change
What have we come to? When good men do nothing
The hate ball spins and we wait there to be saved

Every day life gets harder and ideals fade away
Murder reigns while the city decays
And deconstructs itself

Sewers fill with blood as sons become fatherless
At the final hint of rain


Make them pay, idealists or fools
Bring life back, city left for dead
Risk everything, for nothing
And you might change, this dismal world

Make them pay.
Bring life back.
Risk everything.
You might change x4

The laws caught up to you,
picking they’re time to get you
The hour of destiny is here, no time for forgiveness
No time for second thought, It’s now or nothing

I am many men, we are many men
Freedom’s not free. Freedom has a price

Defining moments

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