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Black Order Of Fire

Evil Empire

Open your eyes so that you can see.
Listen for I will confuse crowds.
Feel the flame burning in you.
Live the life instead of the abstinence.

The books That rule the hypocrisy are not necessary anymore.
Each word is a fire tongue.
Hear and learn the law.

Blessed are the strongs.
They will possess the earth.
They will be worshiped among men.

Blessed are the victorious.
They are the base of the right.
Blessed are the destroyers of false hope.
They are the true messiahs.

I raise my voice so that you an listen.
I show a signal proclaiming he north and the south.
I face the challenge of the wisdom of the world.
I question the laws of the men and God.

Cursed are the weak ones.
They will iherit the yoke.
Cursed are the weak ones.
They will be destroyed.

Cursed are the conquered ones.
They will be vassals forever.
Cursed are the worshippers of God.
they will be thorn by the lamb.

Compositor: Hellfire

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