Everything Everything

Big Game

Everything Everything

A Fever Dream

You think it's new, but it is not new
I cannot wait to see the look on your face
'Cause someone's gonna prick that bovine balloon
Wrinkled little boxing glove
Someone's gonna tell you, "No, you can't"
And I think you might explode

You think we're fooled, but we are not fooled
You think it's hard, but you're doing the easiest thing
And someone's gonna burst your blood-blubber head
Even little children see through you
Someone's gonna pull your big trousers down
And I think you might explode

So go home and squat in the basement now
Sing me a song from your dead-eyed scroll
Witless and rank as a fat-filled hole
I'm tired and you are ridiculous
God for a clown and a clown for a pig
Ever so small but you think it's big, I know

You are ridiculous
Rubbery legs gonna march all night
Tell me again 'cause it makes me smile

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