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Faith and Dreams


Dark is the sky that we fill with our restless hate
Poison's the wind and the rain
Seeds of corruption we sow proud of our sins
Dead to the cry of the slain
Washing the blood you shed with our tears of pain
You think there's no-one to blame since all do the same
But united we stay 'cause tonight you will pay!

Fight your evil side and let the light prevail in your heart
Close your eyes and feel the power
Growing beyond the stars
And we stand up proud before the gold horizon
Spread your wings and leave this world below!

Faith and timeless dreams
In our eyes a blazing power
Within lights up the universe, sets us free
Like torches n the wind we go on
And fight the storm drawing near
It's time to be fire and to burn up their lives

If you stare towards the horizon far
You will find another reason to fight
Distant shores, magic and wonders wait for us, then go on!

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