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A Chance To Be Free


A wonderful sunshine is lightning my face
Dark clouds above our lands have no more tears to cry
For the blood we've spread
to save our souls from the night that won't fall anymore!
Victory's come but the price's so cruel
demons have lost but we all are losers!

The lord of the shades lies and waits his end
His life is my hand

But something strange inside of me is filling my heart
warriors from the sky
Please, don't ask you revenge!
His sword is wet of our blood but I can't kill him
I would kill the human's chance to be free
By choosing my way and not the evil one

Dead children's lament and their mothers' cries
corrode my spirit
Why have I to spare his life
while my brothers have died to give me this chance
Paid with blood? At the end, how could I betray my friends?

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