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Tonight On The Show (truth Of The World)


Tonight on the show
We got fashion crimes and war,
The news and a whole lot more
For every boy and girl,
This is Donovan Earl
Reporting for Truth Of The World

Believe what you hear,
The doomsday sun
Is drawing the air
So you better fear
But don't go anywhere
We'll be right back with Truth Of The World

Truth Of The World
Put your faith in us
We're the ones you can trust

First story tonight is the war on terror
The war of trail and error
It's for the good of the west
Cause we know we're the best
And it keeps you watching Truth Of The World

We've all heard the warning
So called Global Warming
Sea level raised a meter, Gas is 20 dollars a litre
But who needed all that ice ?
The way i see it this heat is quite nice

Went to so pas
Summers here to stay
And whats hot this summer it's the V12 Hummer
It's what gets you all the girls
And its brought to you by Truth Of The World

Truth Of The World
We got what you need
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We're number one for entertainment and fun
Down the barrel of a gun
We've got it all on Truth Of The World

Truth Of The World (repeat)
(We bring you the show from this studio)
(And now a word from our sponsors
We've got the miracle cure)

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