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Chemical Miracle/faster


Physical, mathematical, cynical, political,
spiritual, ritual, chemical, miracle...

My friends, how do you feel?
"Feeling all right"
Well you could always feel a
little bit better.

Do you feel a little dizzy?
"Yes, a little dizzy"
Do you feel a little tired?
"Yes, a little tired"
This'll make you feel better,
really feel better tonight.

It's called Truthogen,
"they call it Truthogen"
it's called Truthogen,
and it's your new best friend.

Tonight, I know where I should go,
as it all becomes so slow...

Tell me, where did you go?
you said, "Life just seemed too slow."
Distant voices telling me to go... Faster.

Just a little faster, just a little faster,
just a little faster, just a little faster...

And the faster I go, never, never, never
seemed so slow. And the faster I go,
never seemed, never seemed so slow,
never seemed so slow...

Everything I've ever seen,
and all the place I have been.
Flashing back like images on screen.

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