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The Dancer Under A Summer Sky


The phoenix

"And from the ashes a Phoenix rose - with
wings made of gold it
gently touched me, a touch of relief. I was
ready to start a new
circle, hoping it would never come to an
"Never too late for hope" - the grey ice
melted - slowly..."


Where is my world,
The beggining of my life bound,
Surrounded by light,
Wandering aimlessly around.
Hearing voices calling my name
While i hover, world`s dark stain.

Where is my summertime?
I`m longing for its warmth,
Far too long i shivered
In winter`s icy force
Clouds are above me
Mid air caresses my lungs
I let myself drift, waiting for spring sun.

Soft grass - but it hurts to go over it,
Pointed stings - running between i stick
Brooks are roading, the water blood red
Please let me drink, but i can`t, i`m dead.

Souls are screaming, mothers and sons
Are slaughtering themselves, am i teaching
a dream...

[Repeat 1. + 2. verse]

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