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Wanna Be (Feat. Missy Elliott, Nacho)


Lip Lock

[Verse 1]
Been a couple years and the game done changed
She rollin down, fucked up, so mundane
Where the real G's at? Man fuck these lames
My money feel long so I can't complain
My life is same, shit oh so cray
Oh so cray, so so cray, man I ball out every day
Parle-vous francais? Oui oui
Givenchy, Dion E
Aye where them bags at?
My bitches showin up in a matte black
That mazzy, that jet, I have that
Got money like? in your knapsack
If I want it I'll buy it, I could have that
There it goes, be fatter than yo?

[Hook x2]
Hey hey, I don't care what bitches say
None of ya'll can fuck with me
I'm the bitch you wanna be
Wait, who? I'm the bitch you wanna be
None of ya'll can fuck with me
I'm the bitch you tryna be

[Verse 2:]
I've been getting so dope, you try to cock at me
Only what misdemeanor means like me you can never be
I'm P-A-I-D, Monopoly I be that property
And I go to the car and knock out a few Ferraris
And I be yo boss boss that's?
Beaters in my closet
Missy Bitch, Missy Elliott
Like a hearse she fit in chocolate
Lamborghini and Porsches
Parked in all my garages
Million dollar my mortgage in my head bitch
Cause I preach bitch

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Pause, wait, hold up one second
Who the new Jag with the new swag?
I could do this all day
Need a little minute
Take a breath, inhale it, let it out
See the shit, well you don't say
Step up in the room and everybody's checking me
Y'all feeling my persona
Hey hey, I'm the bitch you wanna be
Rest of y'all is busting the door with it close to a maze
And everybody wanna know who that
Made a commitment to bring that fire
He be know that I got her back
Reliving it, ya'll can't keep in
Then fuck, go ahead and run up
And watch how we press
Don't make me take off under that

[Hook x2]

Composição: Moore, Eve, Hankens, Missy Elliott

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