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Mama In The Kitchen (Feat. Snoop Dogg)


Lip Lock

[Hook x4: Snoop Dogg]
Mama in the kitchen, mama in the kitchen
My mama in the kitchen, whipping, we flipping

[Verse 1: Eve]
Ayo, I know you like it, like it, I'm winning
Call me the lioness, I'm killing, killing competition
I'm the one that you've been waiting on, so thrilling
You should get a taste of this, so filling
I'm in the kitchen with the gumbo
Got bars, yeah, dumb flow
I just stepped like a force one
I got a life huh, you should've bought one

[Hook x4: Snoop Dogg & Eve]

[Verse 2: Eve]
Mega star status, it's beyond this galaxy
You wanna glimpse Of my reality
Chyeah, I'm fresh up out the kitchen
Now pay attention what the world been missing
Yo, You they say I'm the antidote, better yet the cure
Feel the potency cause the product is pure
Running, running through your veins, guaranteed you get addicted
Constantly craving this audio prescription ‘cause

[Hook x4: Snoop Dogg & Eve]

[Verse 3: Eve]
Ayo, I know you like it, like it, I'm it
You might be in the building, but I've built this shit
You just a visitor, I picked it out brick by brick
Call me the architect of your future, now that's sick
You said you ain't seen me often
Well, most of my currency is foreign
And I stay up, stay up on a plane
Really don't matter, you could never ever touch my lane ‘cause

[Hook x4]

Composição: Eve, Jackson, Kasseem Dean, Calvin Broadus

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