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Argument (skit)



(phone rings)
Boyfriend: Pick it up, pick it up

Eve: Relax, dawg. (Hello?, Hello?)

Boyfriend: Pick it up, you don抰 be picking up the phone when I抦 around lately
when I抦 around all the time lately and all that shit, man. Shit going to your
head and all that- don抰 forget where the fuck you came from.

Eve: Yeah, nigga and not from you, relax.

Boyfriend: You know what?

Eve: (sighs)What?

Boyfriend: e gonna have to talk about this later?

Eve: (Whispers) He on his period, yo. ( Huh, nah, I抦a hit you back, I抦a hit you
back, I抦a hit you right back. Aight, yeah )

Boyfriend: What you say, what you say, what you say? Who that you talking all
crazy on the phone to- who was that?

Eve: Oh my god! Why is you trippin? Damn we go through this every fucking night!

Boyfriend: What do you mean 揺very nightyou don抰 pick up the phone sometimes,
you hiding and shit. Who was that on the phone?

Eve: Dawg, I抦 a busy woman!

Boyfriend: You 揳 busy ever since you can back from California you all
Hollywood and shit, Diva shit and all that. Every time I gotta go through all
of this with you! You ain抰 been acting like that!

Eve: Nigga is you for real? No that抯 you! You acting like a girl, dawg. Why is
you acting like a broad?

Boyfriend: Hold on, hold on協irst of all, watch your mouth.

Eve: What?

Boyfriend: Talking all crazy and everything like I抦 actingnigga give you a
little extra attention, you start acting like a nigga stressing you and all
that too much.

Eve: You know what? Keep your attention, dawg...please! I get enough attention.

Boyfriend: Oh, keep my attention? See all that shit
Eve: Yeah! And in a matter of fact- Roll out!

Boyfriend: Roll out?

Eve: Yeah!

Boyfriend: Well, fuck it匢抦 rolling then!

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