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Watch Me Bleeding


Seeing you dead on your lies chocking on your repetition
Shove me away, you turn to fake, all the lies you place we all know
And I wish you no will to trust in anyone never you won’t
I hold my breath, you’re acting bad
You are all made of childish fears
You take away my pride
You’re wrong, you’re failing…
No more honesty no reasons to believe (in)
And the pain you feel it would be glad to me
And I won’t explain with your lies again
You will desperate alone for days….there you go with yourself
Today’s the fact I face you off
You keep telling it’s my fault you built a world just for yourself
I’ll watch it fall, we all know
You laugh at my disease, your religion it’s so sick
While my time is passing by, you pray you come to crucify
Pretending no shame and hypocrisy

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