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On The Levee


Slipping away from our mother's eyes across the river road to our paradise
A world of tall grass and buttercups the mighty Mississippi and a driftwood
We held heaven in our hands there on the levee

That river ran so mighty and wise it seemed to know all the mysteries of life
We began to finally understand when you looked in my eyes and took my hand
I swear it was the promised land there on the levee

Always eternally carved into a cypress tree
Then you followed that river on it's way to the sea
Fading memories in the twilight of these years
That were only ours to know our hearts had come so close
The day when we let go there on the levee

Fading memories in the twilight of these years
It seems I can't forget my river of regret
The love that came and went there on the levee

That levee still stands so strong and tall but it could not keep my wanderer home
I guess that I should know by now that river's gonna run on anyhow
Life just comes and goes and love just never knows
When two hearts will let go there on the levee there on the levee

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