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Delta Run


The bar was much too dirty and lights were way too bright
It was only seven thirty he'd soon embrace the night
He'd strap on his guitar and turn into some kind of smoking gun
On the far side of heaven he's on the Delta Run

His curse is the highway and it sings a lonesome song
If the blues weren't in his veins he'd be trying to get back home
He's wondering where's the exit wondering what he's become
After years of chasing dreams years on the Delta Run

He's running into trouble and running out of time
He's gonna run on forever but there's no finish line
Out on the Delta Run

The Delta Run is a row to hoe and 49 is a mighty bad road
But there's nowhere to go

He's driving up to Memphis home of the Graceland gates
Searching for a reason hoping for a lesser fate
Somewhere sometime someone's gonna break free but he's not the one
He's treading on an endless mill they call the Delta Run

He's running into trouble...
Not on the Delta Run

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