Stoned Again


They're not my type here, I might leave here
When I die I wanna leave a trail of desperation so clear
You can see it from the moon
But you don't know me but you might see me
Riding shirtless in the backseat of a '93 Suzuki Sidekick
Flipping off the police.

The higher you get the harder you land
I should know, I'm stoned again.
And all this lying, cheating, stealing, hating
So unbelievable.

They're not quite right here, I can feel it
And i go to football games
Sit in the bleachers, teachers talking
I watch the poms
And you don't know me but you might see me
Out in severe weather warnings lighting matches
I'm not changing, you're all freaky I'm just sayin...

The lower you drop the further your friends
I should know, I'm stoned again
And all the breakups, townies, ...breakdowns, breaking up
So unbelievable.

I want to leave this town
It isn't hard but I've come to survive
It isn't smart to hang around
It makes me weak oh but i'm still alive

They tear you apart
They will tear you apart

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