Skeleton Man


A stranger reaching out for your hand
An outlaw after hours leaning in
So if you see me acting out...understand
To be left out in the snow without a coat
Can do bad things to a man

Strand and my insides are burning up
Outdoors catching cold, breathing smoke
So if you set me off I'll burst into flames
Well it's a baptism by fire, breathe in the heat
This does odd things to a man and
Love is strange

Skeleton man he says "I don't care"
A chest left empty of the heart's affairs
Well, it can carry other things that weigh much less
And a head all hollowed out leaves me alone
And I can get some rest

Secrets, little secrets, when I'm not here
And skeleton men and friends reappear
So if you see me acting out, you should know
Hands and knees knelt down and scraped, skin replaced bone
I once was a skeleton
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

When someone loves you very much
You're fucked

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