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Wrath Of The Raven

Evanescent Soul

Flying over
The mountain of society
Carrying our spirits
Within evil hours

Let me be a sacrifice
For our darkest nation
Realise my blasphemous birth
Advocator of world, bringer of peace

To fuel our master’s blazing wrath
Enchanted by the raven’s spell
Annihilate all sepultures
Vociferate for your spirit’s redemption

Never return from the night of the full moon

Passing through my hate
Impurity cleansed by his blood
Shinning object
Lost in the depths of space

Travels in cosmic time
Deviate our brain
Influenced by the flames
Of raven’s eyes

By a crucial
Phantomatic moon
Cold, ancestral,
Mythical cemetery

On the black hole void,
They crawl and beg for mercy
For their disobedience

Wrath of raven
Evil bird of chaos’s throne
Screaming his hate to be king
Lets him be a tyrannical and destructive dictator

Turned away from the holy light
For their past and future demonic damnation

Patriarchal legacy
Orthodox vicious beliefs
Dogmatic way of faith
Rotten messiah to save us

The depraved son
To guide you in the absolute
Fallen into time
Drown in your blood

Feather of the king
Redemption of weakness
Provocation of the great
A holy wrath of destruction

Of raven’s spirit
Looking through the hate
The eyes of the virgin Queen

Monarchy’s blood
The last legacy
Wake up the world
From pathetic slavery

After this epiphany
The transmutation
Unleashing the might
Of encephalic soul

Unshinning side
Of morning night
Amidst the void of space
Through the northern star

Dark blight from the land
The machiavelic melody
Under the raven’s scolding
Mystify, Infinity

Black star on a sinner day
Chromatic black era risen from the king
The great soaring black bird, symbol of the king

Never return from the night of the full moon

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