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The Chapter Of Loveless

Evanescent Soul

The Chapter Of Loveless

No beliefs for us
Just remains before the time
Absolutely no respect for ancestral desires
Adam rapes the mother of the firstborn
She screams in hell
Sacrifice their blood for true knowledge
There are the Uncreators

The Chapter of Loveless

Becoming of the abortion of void
Pass through the dark ray of modernity
His arms laid upon the final cross
Deliver the world of this Christian plague

Write a new legacy, a new chapter
A new type of loveless
Burn the page of the aged manuscript


I am the priest of apocalypse
I nourish myself of your disillusions
My mind is the convent of suffering
Come to pray for your sacrifice in the new world

Never follow the light just take my path
I lead you in hell by the silver way
Never be a slave of Christianity
Raise your hands for misanthropy

Born in the void, I will come for you

Given the birth of the children of the soul
Silently they’ll became the emperors of nothingness
A stolen prayer hidden in our heart
You await the darkest day of your cryogenic time
Between the genesis and me

Don’t nail me, just like him
Don’t love me, just hate him

Open the unholy book and discover a mystical legacy
After the world of inner pain and turmoil
Tearing the page of this chapter of loveless
Never kneeling to see his son
Stand up for your pride of hatred

Don’t nailed me, just like him
Don’t love me, just hate him

Over the bleeding fog,
In the moat by the Walls of Jericho

The great whore will come kiss the sinner
Unholy fire will bless them.

A snake draw’s out his tongue to welcome you
In our lost paradise…

Where the garden’s apples give birth to fallen angels

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