Be Alright

Evan and Eris

All I see is blessings
Got no time for stressing
Don't believe in failures in my life it's only lessons
They just making room for what I'm on now

‎I don't got a clue but I know the one who does know how

‎It's like I'm learning a game with the maker I already know now

Destiny has my name know it's coming it'll never go out

I know that we all gonna be alright
We gone make it through if it takes us all night
No matter what the odds may bring our way
I can see a blessing coming out way

I can't say that life's been perfect, or complain cause life's been worth it
And all because of who he is it's workin. (Only workin out for my good)
And no more livin in that fear no more tears no no
Oh he's workin me and molding me who he wants me to be yeah

I see the blessing I can feel your presence
Leaning on the change in my heart for your endeavors
I pray I'm your reflection
I feen for your correction
The cross brought the connection
And through Jesus is perfection

Life done hit me crazy been more stressed than ever
Living like whatever
Through the rain I feel you drawing closer
Lord make me better

Take me shape me use me I am yours
Take me break me for the glory of the Lord

Ok not only does he hold me when I'm down and feel like folding
He my coach when I'm the goalie never lonely got that hope
And he who holy holy holy
Keep that rugged cross all on me
Need that spirit to control me
Seek that word to come and mold me yea

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