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say it.. say what u want..

i can tell u like suffering
it can tear you like war
i can tell u like suffering and war

a hand of despair, a breath of defeat,
no suprise youre still listening
to the ravenous tongue of the newspaper scene, with despair comes longing.
son uncover your eyes, theres an accident near,
with the mornings gray light uncovers a sick morings suprise
...its a beautiful baby boy...

spinning in towels, for hours and hours.
april brings the shower, May flowers.
may flowers grow to be bitter and broken
the answers in the oven. wont u reach them for me? just a bit further you'll see
you'll see it,

as i close the door, turn up the heat. feel you wait transcend, slip with the degree
of your loneliness, and all of your defeat.

you're so bitter and broken.

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