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Life Of Crime

Eva Braun

Ghost dance in the cul-de-sac
The bad kids are all wearing black
The world won't have us back
My generation was born old
Hope i die before i get sold
I was born after vietnam
The good guys were all dead and gone
After the dance was done
The lights came back on
And everyone was gone
"it's been too fucking long"

This is the longest song i have ever sung
It goes on and on:
In a world of lies, life is a crime
We do our time
(an empty rhyme to fill a line)

I've quit the human race
I couldn't care to keep that pace
You can go ahead and run away
"what happened to all the years"
They're ringing in my ears
My hands are broken clocks
My legs are twin towers
My heart is a hallmark card
Of bad family photographs
Small towns and nervous laughs
Lullabys of the lower-middle class
And other such broken promises

They can have that life
I'll keep wasting my time
They can have that lie
We'll take a life of crime

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