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Culture Is A Steal

Eva Braun

I have nothing to say
That's why i'm screaming
I have nothing to say
That's why i'm schemeing
Culture is a steal
The kids are in the know
Culture is a steal
& everything must go
We are all targets
Of invisible threats
We are all targets
In a target market
Our standard of dying
Is our heart and soul
Our standard of dying
Is the best in the world

Freedom is not free
(and the price tag reads):
"for the lack of a better world
The heart is a shallow sea
And to hell with art and to hell with verse
For the grave alone is truly deep"
& i pay my bill by the day
Every day is a rule we don't break
We're the prey, we get paid
& we keep our interests safe
All is well in our smallest of worlds
The kids will be scene and not heard
(hey! hey! we have nothing to say!)

Everything must go!

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