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Eva Braun

War is wasted on the young
All us kids are cops by 21
Sucking on our thumbs and guns
Like the real world could let us cum
Youth is wasted on the weak
Who lie between the sweaty sheets
Who lie between their fucking teeth
Like lovers lying in the weeds

We cheat on our wasted youth
(i'm still nursing my words into you)
Six billion hearts beaten to death
Keep beating time but don't hold your breath
All the banks are full of blood
& the cluster bombs are crying "love!"
Our lovely world just hums along
Listen dear, they're singing our song

Laughter is the best medicine
So i'm keeping myself in stitches
The punchlines quick & life is long
The jokes on us but i'm praying along
Bless me father
It's been awhile since i hit the ground
Jesus christ
Godammit, i'm just fucking around

Oh stop it, you're fucking killing me

The real world is a brutal buisness
A production of the realists
A product of progress and productive bloodshed
If that's real life then i'm playing dead

Were on our own
The war is coming home

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