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The Last, Night

Eugene Wilde

verse I:

I'm surprised to wake and find you
lying next to me..
And in my heart I felt that this is
How our Love should Be...

I cherish each and every moment that we spend
and now I take a Vow.. to make you feel much

I'll Hold you.....
Keep you Safe and Warm.
Let you know just how, I feel..
Show me...
That you want my loving....
come and experience..my touch..yeah.


Cause, It's the Last Night
Last chance for romance..
You held out long enough..and girl it's getting rough...
That's Right (Yeah)...
Time is running out...
For you to Scream and Shout..that you want me...

Verse II:

Everything I say to you..
I say it from my Heart..
I knew you were the one for me..
I knew it from the start.
And if allowed tonight.., I'll lay you down...
And do those things to you..
To make you melt to the ground...

I'll Give You....
What Only I can give you..
I twinkle from your head... to your toes......
I'll soothe you...Like you have never been before..
I'll over whelm you..
And more ......

(Repeat chorus)


Come and Lay your head on my shoulders....
I'll give you..
I'll give you so much more..
I'll Make you feel it...
From your head... to your toes.......
oh ooh oh!

(repeat chorus)
ad-lib till fade)

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