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I'll Keep Calling

Eugene Wilde

Verse I:

You said "Call Me".....
But, there's no answer..no..no..no.
You said "Come Over".
And yet, your Not even at Home..

Girl, I know you're not ready..
To call it "quits"..
Not now that you're at..
The top of My list..


I'll keep calling (calling)
Calling (calling)...
I'll keep calling you day and night..(lady)
Girl, I'll keep trying..
Just as long as you'd do..
What you promise you'd do....

Verse II:

You told me "tonights the night".
That I'll "see the tunnel of ecstasy"..
And I told you "I'll make you speak"..
A "language you're unfamiliar with"......

Girl, I'll caress your Body...
make your temperture rise..
You'll scream out...
My name all night...

(repeat hook)
(instrumental break)


yeah, yeah..
Come and lay your head on my shoulders..
I'll give you
I'll give you
So much more....
I'll make you feel it
From you head
To your toes.....
oh ooh oh..

(repeat hook)
(ad-lib till fade)

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