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Waco, Texas

Ethel Cain

My honey's heart is blue and a second offbeat
Always tugging at me like he's running out of daylight
Yeah, my baby acts cool
but they all know something ain't right, ain't right
Only acting this cool when he's walking with me
1998 forever and a day
I keep the pictures hanging where the world can see 'em
I hope I die today
Save me from another late night of red eyes
But then the morning comes
You were there looking for me but I
I was gone, turned my back for a moment and
You had fallen apart

They've been promising the lights as we beg for our lives
Selling pages of the times we've been waiting on
Now the weight's too much and I can't hold you anymore
How much of a cruel year can you call my fault?
Not even the memories are immortal
Terrified on this side of a conversation
A conversation we'll never come back from
I'll never live it down if I never get around it
Cause goddammit, I did it to myself in hindsight
I liked him cause his rule was do
whatever you like and I tried alright
Now I'll wear these scars for life
I loved you when it hurt inside to
But in the low light
You know I'd do anything for you

You know I'd do anything for you
You know it's true cause I've said it to you
Held in my arms, I swore I'd be good to you
Then sat and watched as you walked away from me

Christ is cool but you're so cooler

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