Ethel Cain


Ethel Cain

We were in a race to grow up
Yesterday, through today, til tomorrow
But when the plant blew up
A piece of shrapnel flew
And slowed that part of you
The doctors gave you until
The end of the night
But not til daylight (not til daylight)
Time passes slower in the flicker of a
Hospital light
I pray the race is worth the fight

Made a fool of myself down on
Tennessee Street
It wasn't pretty like the movies, it
Was ugly like
What they all did to me
And they did to me what I wouldn't
Do to anyone
You know that's for sure

Tell me all the time not to worry
And think of all the time I'll have
With you
When I won't wake up on my own
(Wake up on my own)
Held close all of the time knowing I'm
Half of you

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