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Knuckle Velvet (feat. Yah Wav)

Ethel Cain

Nothing hurts like you do, like the way you say I love you
Leave the room half undressed
I'm saying prayers through a throttled neck
Come into the room and make me cry all over again

You come in so hard, gore me through the heart
Just another day and you'll still tell me you're healing
See it on your face, you won't ever change in your ways
Shed your knuckle velvet, torn on my teeth
When you're torn apart, you'll destroy me again

Bleeding out on your sleeve, you kill me any way but softly
With all your crying
like you did that first night I made you spend on your own
You're such a child and you know it

Nothing in my heart is hoping you'll come back
Too cold to know what I don't have without you, no
Without you
Every drop of blood is love I don't get back
Bated to take the love that I gave away to save you

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