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Violence In Epic Proportions

Eternal Ruin

Under threatening skies awaiting decay
Innocents revoke torn away
A faceless enemy eager to die
Perpetual evil that bleeds divine
Campaign of terror born from the sky
Mass destruction of all mankind
Bodies pile to awaken the grave
The war machine's on a death crusade
War breeds war from within
We have been forsaken total annihilation

Burn Fucking Burn

Buried in the flowing rivers of red
Embrace the tide of our own demise
Immersed among the ruins leveled to obscurity
Shrouded in secrecy with unruly diplomacy
Hiding beneath the veil - dark seeds of hate unleashed
The devils of Islam shall prevail
Killing for the love of Allah

Burning chaos - lifeless by design
Condone murder in violent times
Far beyond recognition, uncertainty reigns on all
All hope is abolished, dead before the fall
Execution becomes a state of discomfort
The stability of the world is at stake...

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