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Starving For Violent Perversions

Eternal Ruin

Behind vacent eyes, I'm waiting to see
Flowing rivers of blood and seas of butchery
Can't stop these violent thoughts, that scatter my mind
Bred to kill everyone, I'm dead inside
By knife you will die, there's blood on my hands
Display your gluttony, you don't have a chance
Perverse hallucinations, saturated in red
Scarred by seperation, this pains purebred
Your blood, it excites me
Delusions of a torturous scene
Your screams, they anger me
I'll show you just what I mean
I must sedate, this urge I can't control
Manic, depressive, thoughts of blood
I've got to splurge, no more sedation
This hunger, for death, I have succumbed

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