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Ripped Five Ways From Sunday

Eternal Ruin

A living monstrosity, my mind runs astray
Pathologically unsound, thriving in utter decay
Madness encaged in the depths of your mind
Your cesspool of love and compassion has dry

The throne of hate awaits you
Drink the chalice of blood
No more straps to chew through
This is where the bitch stood
She came to feast on meat

And choke on bloody spunk
It's her face that I beat
From this blood I am drunk
Pleasures of sin at my every will
Necrophilia, sodomy, her dead corpse lies still

I ripped open, drove my prick into her orifice
Tense muscles are strained around from rigor mortis
Mangles corpse whores, bloody stump sores
Defilement of the dead, these thoughts forvere embedded
Ripped five ways from Sunday than fucked her severed limbs

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