Thru This Pain

Eternal Decision

Darkness fallen around me, I've known of better times
But know I can't breathe
Lives taken away from this life
Only You can help me when I am weak

Oh Lord, gotta help me make it, through all this pain
Oh Lord, gotta help me make it through all this pain inside

I need you now, to help me with this pain I feel inside
And when my faith is low, I need you more
To show me where to go in this life

Blackened skies all around me, A sullen image is all I see
Times wasting away all this time
Only You can life me when I am weak


And I feel you come inside, and I feel you like the rain
That washes out my heart, heals all my pain
And I take you by the hand, you are my friend
I cannot understand your love for me

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