Stomping Ground

Eternal Decision

Stomping Ground, I take the land I've found.
I claim this place for God, so his word abounds.
Where I tread, I'm Holy Spirit led.
I stomp on satans head with the word I spread.

God is here, can you feel him near.
I can shout my praises to him cause I'm feeling no fear.
Where I stand, I'm taking back the land.
Because I stand upon the Rock and not on the sand.

I keep on stomping.
You're on my stomping ground.

In my life, I'm walking in the light.
God is in control and I feel alive.
And so I live, I take my thoughts captive.
Subject my mind because it's not prohibitive.

God controls, I took Him in my soul.
The landscape of my mind Jesus calls His home.
Think it odd? In my mind He trod.
My thoughts are not my own,
they belong to God.

Solo: Tommy

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