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Devil In The Dark

Eternal Champion

Another late night in this house
Lying still without a sound, here we go again
Eyes wide open the madness begins
There's something lurking in the black
Here I am under attack
Another long night lies ahead
Knowing something wants me dead

Sometimes I'm thinking that maybe
This paranoia's making me crazy
But my life's no walk in the park
When I'm living with the devil in the dark
Up from the bed across the floor
My legs are weak, my vision poor

Then reaching for the knife
Not going down without a fight
Can't stop the ringing in my head
Can't stop the feeling of this dread
With future in my hands
I'm about to make my final stand

My heart is racing the end is near
I have to overcome my fear
In the blackness of the dark
Anticipation tearing me apart
Walk to the mirror hastily
What is the source, what can it be
Look in the mirror's reflection to see
I see the devil, the devil is me

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