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To Demolishion Pain

Eterna Inocencia

This is the story of a man
whose convictions where
no more exploitation
no more god no more governments

Yeah, he was just a man
who fought for a better life
I know he used violence but it's o.k. to me

Cause every day your country
applies violence on you
when you give your effort
to the same one that oppress all of us!

Capitalist Beast
created realities
as prisons for the ones
who want to change all this...

Hijos de la violencia
trata de alcanzarlos
hijos de la violencia (trata de alcanzarlos)...

Demolish pain
demolish the walls
and then you'll see their faces!

Victims of hate
victims of laws that
respond to the government
and the authorities
who are always framing up people
cause have no answer to their own lies...

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