The Treath

Eterna Inocencia

The sun is climbing upon the mountains
we are waiting for the final attack
You know, our dream of freedom
doesn't seem to be so far away

Government hate us
but nothingÂŽs gonna stop our way
to claim for our freedom
to claim for liberation!

Cause we realized
what the've done to us
With our culture
they were always having fun
So we said enough!
Carry the guns and
get out of my way!
Get out and start to pray!
Get out of my way!
This our problem:
we all love our lives!

While soldiers are preparing their offense
we are asking to ourselves
is it necessary to kill us between brothers?
But they seem to ignore us
and respond to government
shooting us with no reason
shooting us with no feelings!

So we are all gonna fight
'till we see the day
that our life does not respond
to this government!
Yes we'll kiss our kids
kiss their hands and
never forget
we all wanna see the day
they'll be in peace
cause we love our culture
and that's why I'll give my life.

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