Out Of Order

Eterna Inocencia

Someone told me
that he could not say "cheers!"at Christmas
because he was thinking
about the people in jail

And someone told me
that New Year's day was just a lie
cause nothing changes in our lives
and people are still dying
of hunger in this world

But other voice said:
Well, don't worry about it!
Why are you so boring?
Don't you understand
there's nothing wrong
in living our life
such as a big machine
that works for capitalism

So please do not disturb our life
we don't want changes
yes we don't want to change this world...

Another prison
another vote
reproduce this system again

Stop this madness
stop this pain...
Here we have repression again

But let me tell you
that nothing else matters
(except one thing):
just live in peace, equality,
an alternative to this society...

And thatÂŽs real freedom, friend...
Yes, we are walking straight to the sun!

So if you come across our way
we'll gonna show you
what real freedom means
yes we'll show that in your face!

Freedom means peace
equality, abolition of
your private property
Freedom is the revolution
of our minds!

So your religions
and your structure
made of the lies
that you've been telling us
for centuries... will finally fall down

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