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(Not So Far From) Our Dreams

Eterna Inocencia

So here we go on the road again
where are we going now?
To visit what friend?
We are playing once more
out of town...

Yes, many times weÂŽve done these things
and make promises
of freedom for the Human Being

So many places, so many friends
we are all fighting for freedom
you and me, in different places
for the same old things!
Under the same old sun...
we are all looking for freedom
we all know what we want!

So we will play our songs
one night with some friends on a show
crying for justice
and we will try to leave a message cause
this is not only music (no!)
this is a tool for the liberation!

Cry for the end of the oppression
applied to the Human Being
Stop everyoneÂŽs exploitation
and deny every dark step
made by the gobernment
Asking for a better life!
Ask for total liberation!
Trying to break the chains!

Yes, we are so far
but we all know what we want!
We want the total liberation
we want the abolition
of the exploitation that
is being done day by day.
by a few people over our rights! Yes, over our hearts!

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