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Missed Revolution

Eterna Inocencia

Hey, my friend what's going on?!?
Have you listened to
the last album of your favorite band?
Was it good for you?

Well, I've been thinking
about other things that
happen day by day
while you are starting your revolution
lying on your bed

Yes, I'm upset
of your excuses and your lies
I'm tired of your promises
Lots of people are being jailed
day by day for their causes!
Your pseudo-revolution makes me angry!

Your empty arguments
your thoughts about how
a revolution may start from our records!
No, itÂŽs not like that!

The greatest punk rock band in the world
does not exist any more:
itÂŽs just you, people, state and reality
playing in this world

So here we go now!
Smash this record hardly to the wall!
Start your own revolution!
Once upon a time I heard it and itÂŽs true:
Revolution starts in our heart and our minds!!!

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