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Looking For The Sun

Eterna Inocencia

Walking trough the darkness
trying not to cry
I'm still going on in this way: looking for the sun
I will never stop till
I can kiss your hands;
Oh, how I long for that day,
how I miss your eyes

30.000 people looking for the sun
30.000 people no longer with us
But now that I know they are all gone away,
I hope they found a better place
cause many tortures were applied on their bodies
Yes, I know they´ve disappeared
but I only try to reach
the day when I can meet them again...

Many years have passed by
and I still have no news
But murderers walk among us
and the eternal pain
I think about your tears
I think about your eyes
And I just can´t imagine
what they´ve done to you!
But now that I know that you´re gone
I hope you´d found a better place
But I only wanna kiss your face!

This is not a cause
this is a consequence of this system
that´s been raped day by day
by the ones that tortured you and me!
So I´m still going on this way
yes I´ll try to kiss your face
even knowing I won´t see you again...

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