Eterna Inocencia

You know that winter's coming
And I feel a little sad
I'd been thinking in my brothers
Their tears, their faces
And their cold hands

Now I know that
I can't stop this pain
(not this time...)

I've run out of tears
(but I'm coming back)
'cause during these winter days
I decided to continue with the struggle!

You know, we all want a better place
We all wanna see the day
When people start to live in peace
(you know that no one will be disagree)

Lot of people crying...
Can you hear them now?
They are crying for justice
And we don't know
if they'll have an answer
from the people that
decided to government our lives
on these winter days
we all gotta rise from our knees
to stop this!

So, please come and cry
with me once more
"We all wanna government
ourselves! We don't want
your rules! Yes! We don't want
to be like you!"

... la polĂ­tica es la
cara artĂ­stica de la traiciĂłn...

Now my eyes
Are witness of our courage
Come and cry with me!
We are all looking for justice

Yes! We are all walking
Straight to the sun...
No more oppression
No more guns

Just love, peace, equality
We just wanna conquer
these things!

Yes, my hands
Have the blood of my brothers
That during these winter days
Are crying for justice

Prisoners, children
Women and workers!
All the victims of this shit
Come an cry with me once more!

We are all going to fight
For the Eternal Spring!

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