Endless Lie

Eterna Inocencia

So here we go again
we feel guilty
yes we'll always be the ashamed
Oh yes, it's always the same
the endless lie worked out again
Believe in their gods
believe in their laws!
Believe in all the shit
that government provides us
so we can think that everything is done!

Yes here we go again
go to a church and pray
thinking that god will solve
our problems one of these days...

Then nothing's gonna change
and if it goes on this way
someone will knock on our door
steel our children and take them to a war
in which we are not interested
It's just another way to point us
with the racist finger, denying our rights!

They've made a great brain-washed
and that's why we are afraid
We got to respond to their aggression one of these days...

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