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The Realest (Ft. Jeezy)

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I Never Felt Nun

Hey, hey, don't go against the—
Hey, hey, hey, they say life is a blessin'

If I die, I'll still go out the realest (The realest)
He wanna talk, I just don't get it
that's our only difference
The shots I seen don't come on Insta'
come in five by sixes (Come in)
You been a bitch but since that bumpy hit you think you lit
I built this shit up brick by brick
my name ain't on no list
I'm still on fish, you might get hit on if you like his pic'
Whole time she pull you in a twist, you tryna wife his bitch
I'm from the bricks
so I'll be cool whatever I get (I'll be cool)
Before I did it, niggas barely knew Louisville exist
(Barely knew Louisville exist)
Niggas support me and be sellin' boy off of our flips
Bring out the block, we threw up Blood
but the island was Crips (But the island was Crips)
So we crop niggas out the pic'
who couldn't co-exist (Brr, brr)
I never did it for no fame
but acknowledge I'm lit (Acknowledge I'm lit though)
Look at my chain, it say "Get killed for a robbery attempt"
He know he gotta say my name for his song to get clicked
Look like she hurt you every day
they say life is a bitch (Like she hurt you every day)
What's her name?
Went against the grain while his kayak got flipped
Get your head split
the concrete see who you had problems with
(See who you had problems with)
Yeah, yeah, we the mob and we rich (The mob)
came too far to just quit (Too far)
Came off ballin' my wrist (Came off ball)
quarter a raw to a split (Quarter a raw)
Turn a split to a brick (Turn a split)
turn a brick in a ten (I turn 'em bricks)
Then we do it again, double back, do it again

Ain't no limit, ballin' 'til I fall (Fall)
Destined to be the greatest, yeah
the writing's on the wall (Woo)
Twenty-nine, you come and get it, I bring you 30 Gs (Gs)
The real snowfall, just know you gon' need some ski's (Damn)
The chopper's all wood handled
just minus the leaves (Leaves)
Can make them niña's do some things
you wouldn't believe (Woo)
The way I had the block flooded, thought I had a boat (Boat)
I flipped them bricks, I'm talkin' spicy
I'm the curry G. O. A. T. (Haha)
Them fiends comin' from the kitchen
lot of dinner hardly (Hardly)
White bricks on white counters
got me feelin' godly (I slept)
Counted up my first million, felt it in my soul (Soul)
Schemin' on my second million, got that in my bowl (Damn)
Bald head, no Simpson, power's in my fork (Fork)
Same stove, same kitchen, Granny cook that pork (Woo)
I'm in my auntie Nissan, yeah, I'm on a mission (Mission)
That weight so heavy in the back
it might just need suspension (Woo)
I'm in that kitchen
whippin' smoother than a Cadillac ('Llac)
I'm droppin' sixty-two, tryna get a hundred back (Damn)
For when the babies, nigga
and I ain't talkin' Similac (Nah)
Scorpin' prints on them bitches, like an artifact
I'm tryna hold my vision
while I'm rippin' on this vision (Vision)
Lord knows, I just hope the big homie listenin'
Heavenly father, give me grace
while I'm makin' this play (Play)
Wish I could make a hundred mil'
and just call it a day (Day)
Money in the safe so long, I forgot the code (Damn)
Apartment in my daddy name, that's to hide the low
Don't compare me to trappers, nigga
compare me to greats (Greats)
Pablo died on a rooftop, that ain't my fate (Nah)
Chapo got life, he ain't never gettin' out (Out)
I did it in some Air 1s, fuck we talkin' 'bout?
(Fuck we talkin'?)
My uncle did twenty years, got nothin' to show (Nah)
I got four million in cars with nowhere to go (Yeah)
Yeah, look, I'm on another level (What?)
talkin' another devil (Yeah)
Joe Pesci in Casino, yeah, I need another shovel (Woo)
For the niggas like Gee (Gee) , for the niggas like me (Me)
The realest nigga in the room
I should charge you a fee, snow

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