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Have Mercy

Est Gee

I Never Felt Nun

(Uh, uh)
(Rizzo, how you do that?)
Yeah, yeah
(John Gotitt)

I had to tell her watch her mouth
she say it's demons on me (She say it's demons on me)
Now that's my people died before me (Shh)
not tryna leave me lonely (Not tryna leave me)
Just goes to show, if you don't know something
don't be speakin' on it (Don't be speakin' on that)
Make sure I'm proper, check my posture
my yeek shouldn't be showin' (Make sure I'm good)
Jack of all trades, but nowadays
I work on shootin' mostly (I work on—, brr)
You heard the story 'bout thĐ” Dada, island
bloody ocean (Dada bloody, bloody ocean)
We'vĐ” bendin' corners, servin' boulders
we brought back the culture (Brought back the culture)
Red said "We lackin' leadership, "
and made me take it over (Dead)
For sure, the last man standing
always get to tell the story (Dead)
Before we made it to our glory
the streets told before me (The streets had told what it is)
A chief could never fully lead
if he ain't been no soldier (Ain't been no soldier
you don't know what it's like)
Rico, you told me they was fake
and not to let 'em closer (Told me 'bout these niggas)
My heart was broken when they told me
opps's gettin' work from Nola (I couldn't believe)
I felt the tension, kept my distance
analyze they motion (I couldn't believe)
'Posed to be family
how we couldn't get no understandin'?
(How we couldn't get no understandin' 'bout this shit?)
They took your pack, then came through clappin'
right in front of my aunties
(Hmm, you let 'em take your shit)
You had me thinkin' I'm the reason
made me get back after (It was my fault too)
You tried to crash me knowin' I loved you
like you was my daddy
I had a pure heart and you grabbed it
and took it for granted (Fuck all that)
I ain't feel sadness when they smashed it
'cause you hurt me badly (Fuck all that)
Livin' perspective, love is evil
when you see it backwards (Love is evil)
We got a code that we can't go against, whatever happens
Don't do no rattin', even though
the opps been told what happened (Told)
He went to jail, tough as hell
but he in there fuckin' asses (Niggas lame)
They snaked his closest friends
'cause all that shit was seen on camera (Snaked him)
And he was 'posed to be our savior, super gangster status
Speak on me lightly, they none like me
they spendin', not trappin'
Misleadin' the masses like you cold as me
but snatch your jacket (Gang)
I'm really that, niggas ain't half of me
not even a fraction (Niggas ain't half of me)
Who let it happen? Beat the streets
can't see me movin' backwards (I see the streets
I ain't goin' backwards)
I stood on business for my niggas
got put in them caskets (I stood on business and I step)
They used to say that I was trippin'
rich and still on missions (I'm rich as fuck)
But if I didn't, who's to say we'd be in this position?
(Who's to say?)
I did it out of love for y'all, so I know God forgive me
You know the feelin' when they lyin'
swearin' to God, you guilty (They lyin' on my nigga)
Kada ain't even fit the description from the eye witness
He fightin' a lethal injection, God
have mercy on my lil' one
I told him when he beat the case
he gon' get out the biggest (The biggest, yeah, yeah)
I'm makin' sure all my members
get out prison richer (All my members get out richer, yeah)
If I say "I love you, " I go to heaven
I'll see hell with you (I'll go to heaven with you)
Long live the made men and R. I. P. Lil' Dead
I miss you (R. I. P. Lil' Dead)
Long live the made men and R. I. P. Lil' Dead, I miss you

I done made a million, niggas know what it is
It's still the same thing
Yeah, yeah, they try to pull me back, I'm gone
I'll beat y'all as a blowout
It wasn't closed, they won't see it again
Know y'all won't see me again

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