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Esperanza Spalding

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Right now you needed the heart time
Traffic wont' speed up so you turn the radio on
La la la la
But is the ..makes you young
Well somehow he feels it and the dj at the station
Since we salvation when it start to play the song
Now you help help singin alone when it start to play this song
Now you can't help singin alone
Even though you ..this song I give you
Played a ..speaking to you
Uhh this song is the one it to your spirits
Would play to you
Uh this song is the one leave the spirit ..speaking to you
As if ..this songs's the one
Even keep singin alone
This song's the one

Another stop make it up
When it .. when was a magic ..enter that song
Now ..all I can say
When it ..something
Waiting for some magic to ..
..that song ..we can sing

Well it can surely save the day and give the grooving
..speaking to you yes
This song's the one
And traffic to leave your spirits you .. this song's the one

Smiling and driving over
So you pole over
Start ..for a pen
.never come it again
People hand you ..
Your skin starts ..come the part you know
And you can't help singing alone
Even when .. this song I give you groovin
Play to leave your spirits..

This song's the one to leave your spirits
To the world I'm speaking to you if they ..
This song is the one

Yeah this song's the one leave your spirits
..because you like the ..because you need the ..
Sing alone with ..because you like to
Because you need to ..
Now if you want to .. your heart

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