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Assault: In The Vessel

Espera XIII

Demo Escàndalo

The valiant left the shore of calm waves, of calm waves

There is a traitor in the crew
Who put the 13 toward a huge storm
There is a traitor in the crew, cheating intentions
and now death is coming to take us all, us all!

Total destruction, a tempest destroys physical parts of the vessels
Smash bringing suffering and anguish
Many dead, and the crew discouraged, depressed
The crew discouraged

There is a trail of the traitor, hope is rebuilt
Increases the faith, as well as courage
We'll prevail

We found it, now we'll get even, throw him overboard
Where shall drown and be eaten by demons
The traitor feels the tempest on his own skin
Victorious revenge!

Full steam ahead! strong hearts and brave!
The journey continues
Nobody knows what comes... next!

Compositor: Renan Brito

Letra enviada por The Catti

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