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One Thing Or Another

Escape The Fate

I don't think we're gonna make it
Things are not what they seem
It's like I'm in a bad dream

You don't even try to fake it
You keep pushing too far
Why do you make it so Hard?

Can't take this
Something's always wrong
I thought we had a chance
But now it's gone

It's just a game that you play
Always the same, It'll never change
It's just a game, it's always
One thing or another

Sometimes I feel like screaming
At the back of your head
when we're lying in bed

You're always so demeaning
You don't hear what I say
You don't care anyway

Can't take this
Something's always wrong
Get so close to something
Then it's gone

I hate this! This is wrong
No matter what I do
Can't seem to get through to you
It's just a game that you play
It's just a game

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