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Prego Amore

Erlend Oye

I was looking for a woman to be good to me.
I was with the other people and they had to eat.
I couldn't go alone, I didn't know my way.
Don't know the language, so I had to stay.
Woke up in the morning with a job to do.
Twenty seconds later got stuck in the queue.
When in Rome they're digging to extend the lines,
they're running into ruins, gotta stop all the time.
Went upon a hill to get a view of the town,
didn't really happen 'cause the clouds were down.
Brought a CD player to be checking our song,
didn't do recordables we moved along
to an elevated garden overlooking the street.
She was standing with a spinett at the side of her feet.
Shouted to her promising to make her a star.
She didn't have the time and she left in a car.
Prego amore vieni con me.
Waiting for a DJ, but he never turned up.
Figured that he didn't 'cause he knew he would suck.
I was sitting in the rhythm backing the beat.
Couldn't see her dancing back on the street.
Just because you got the magic happening then
doesn't make it certain it'll happen again.
Just because you know someone is looking for you
doesn't have a say in who they're running into

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