Erick Macek

It's you that makes me cry
It's you that makes me smile
It's you that makes me feel alright
It's you that pisses me off at night

My heart feels heavy and I know this
I come to you but you get pissed
I wanna move forward but you hold back
A sense of comfort is what you lack (and I know)

I blame myself for the things you do
I love you so much that I hate you
You keep me guessing and you won't back down
So eat your cake up as you keep me around

You think that I can't play your dirty little games
You think that I will lower myself to play
I'm calling you out, that's right, I'm calling a bluff

Im putting my foot down cause I've had about enough
Of your teasin', treasin', pleasin', that's right you're just a tease
I'll have you beggin' from your m* f* knees
It's not enough that you straight lied right to my face
You sneak behind my back to give your ex a taste

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